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Blogger Quote of the Week: AJ Adwen

The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending July 20th comes from the post Why I Write Fiction from author A.J. Adwen.

“Maybe this makes me crazy, but to me, the line that separates fact from fiction is very blurry when it comes to a story that you love and that inspires you.”

I think most writers can relate to that statement. Many of us have stories that have lived within us for years, sometimes our entire lives, waiting (even nagging) to be told. We spend so much time with these stories that they become real to us and writing about the characters is like spending time with a close friend. Our biggest fear is whether we can do the story justice. How well can we translate the story in our head to paper? Our greatest hope is that readers will love the story and be inspired by it as much as we are.

Mark your calendars, A.J.’s first novel, Othrinia’s Rain, is scheduled for release September 3rd.