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Birthday Sale!

This is a “twofer” people! A gift to the author (birthday girl) by purchasing her books and a gift to you in your enjoyment of two fantastic reads! All for only 99 cents each! What are you waiting for? Happy birthday Sarah!

...and then there was Sarah

In honor of my birthday (which is tomorrow), I am running a 5 day sale from July 30-Aug 5. BOTH of my books will be just .99 cents for those 5 days. While Dusk is permanently set at .99, this price on Darkness will not last long at all.

Please help me spread the word by reblogging, posting, pasting, tweeting, etc. The best birthday weekend ever would be to wake up next week and welcome new fans into the fold. If they’re as great as all of you, then I will be blessed indeed 🙂

Birthday Sale

Price adjustments are good only on Amazon and Barnes and Nobe.

BN: http://bit.ly/12ClvWx
Amazon: http://amzn.to/16cNVrc

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