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Blogger Quote of the Week: L. Marie

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, but I must say the following quote makes up for my transgression. The Blogger Quote of the Week comes from L.Marie. She wrote about the phrase “recalled to life” from the book, A Tale of Two Cities.  I really enjoyed this book and had a similar reaction to the phrase that Linda so eloquently writes about in her post, Recalled to Life. Here is an excerpt:

“Every day, when we open our eyes at the start of the day, we’re recalled to life. For some of us, maybe we don’t want to be recalled to the same old circumstances—the same old limited life. If you’re like me (and I hope you aren’t), you tend to focus on the negative—what others (including yourself) have told you might be “true” of your life: that you’re a failure who will never accomplish anything worthwhile. That you’ll always be broke or tired or miserable or hungry or thwarted or second-best or rejected or washed-up or ____________ (fill in the blank with whatever that little voice tells you; you know the one). Sentiments like that are as much a prison as the Bastille.

Maybe like me—like Dr. Manette—you need to be recalled to life—to the truths that bring life to you. What’s true about you?

You’ve got an imagination.
You’re one of a kind.
You’re a masterpiece.
You’ve got a second chance or a third or a fourth.
You’ve got skills.
You’ve got a story to tell.
You’re not hopeless.
You’re not defeated.

Right? Now go out and live that truth. Live like someone recalled to life. Because you are.”

Wow. I love this.


Blogger Quote of the Week: Free Little Words

The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending July 28th comes from the post Love in Hindsight III from Kelly at Free Little Words as she explains why the post will be her last one for a while.

“There’s two young boys, who won’t be little forever, wishing that their mum would be slightly more present when she’s present. I owe them that much. Then when the lights are out and those eyelashes flutter as they dream sweet dreams, the  words can spring forth to the begging blank page.”

Very well said, Kelly. We will miss you but I completely understand.

I spoke similar words over two years ago when I chose to leave a job that was overly demanding of my time. Although I was able to pick up my kids from school and work my last hour at home, the work day always extended far beyond that. At the end, eighty hour weeks had become the norm. Then one day after telling my daughter I had too much work to do and couldn’t play with her yet again, she said, “Mama, you work too much. You need a new job. Can you be my teacher?”

That’s when it hit me. She didn’t care about the things my income could offer, all she wanted was a little of my time. Out of the mouths of babes, right? I’m so thankful I got the message because it gave me the freedom to explore a career where I could be at home and make my own hours, one where I could be fully present for my kids. And you’re right Kelly, they won’t be little forever so cherish the time you have with them now.

Blogger Quote of the Week: AJ Adwen

The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending July 20th comes from the post Why I Write Fiction from author A.J. Adwen.

“Maybe this makes me crazy, but to me, the line that separates fact from fiction is very blurry when it comes to a story that you love and that inspires you.”

I think most writers can relate to that statement. Many of us have stories that have lived within us for years, sometimes our entire lives, waiting (even nagging) to be told. We spend so much time with these stories that they become real to us and writing about the characters is like spending time with a close friend. Our biggest fear is whether we can do the story justice. How well can we translate the story in our head to paper? Our greatest hope is that readers will love the story and be inspired by it as much as we are.

Mark your calendars, A.J.’s first novel, Othrinia’s Rain, is scheduled for release September 3rd.

Blogger Quote of the Week: Destiny Allison

Okay, I’m late with this post again. I’ve been a busy little bee lately, helping my sister plan my niece’s wedding but the big day is almost here!

The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending June 30th comes from the post titled You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees by Destiny Allison.

She is the author of the recently released dystopian novel Pipe Dreams and the award-winning autobiography Shaping Destiny.

This post struck a chord with me since it focuses on a topic that I’ve struggled with as well. I’ve been blogging since March and am finding it difficult to balance the demands of it with the other aspects of my life and my desire to be a published author. This post has inspired me to step out of the trees and weed out the things that are choking my forest. Thank you for the words of wisdom, Destiny.

“When we drove on Sunday through the recent burn, I experienced a revelation of sorts. The blackened earth, scorched trees, and absolute lack of chaos were a precursor to recovery and eventual health. I started thinking about how creatives operate most of the time. The soil in our minds is fertile, primed for growth. Teeming with nutrients, different seeds take root, each competing with the other for room, water, and sun. Over time, our minds become cluttered, chaotic, and rough. The white firs choke out the old growth thoughts. A story prompt takes us away from our WIP. A blog insists we belong on Pinterest. As the seeds sprout, we lose integrity in relationship to ourselves. Then, our work is clumsy, noisy, and irrelevant, part of a teeming whole out of balance with itself.”

Now I’m off to play Just Dance with the cute little seven-year-old girl sitting at my side. 🙂

Blogger Quote of the Week: Cyndi Jones

This week’s Blogger Quote of the Week comes from Cyndi Jones at Writing the Fire.

“The magic of being mused doesn’t stop at one suggestion. It’s the merging of enchanting ideas with familiar emotion, the melding of imagination and truth.”

Take a moment and read the entire post Conversations with a Muse. You’ll be glad you did.

Blogger Quote of the Week: Lauren Sapala

In a recent post, I decided to share a favorite quote from the blogs I’ve read during the week. This was more difficult than I anticipated. At one point I had several quotes listed and I was finding it difficult to pick one. You, my cyber friends, are a witty, introspective, and eloquent bunch.  While your words enlighten and amuse me, they also stir up doubts that say, “What the hell are you thinking? You don’t belong in this group. You’re a fraud, an imposter.”

Then I stumbled across this post from Lauren Sapala and it was exactly what I needed to read at the time. Was it a moment of serendipity or synchronicity? Some may call it a serendipitous event, but I’m that strange type that looks upon seemingly random occurrences dubiously. I tend to look for the meaning or the pattern in almost everything. It’s my way of trying to make sense of the world. I do feel in some strange way we are all connected at a higher subconscious level…metaphysically. I think when we are plagued with doubts and fears this metaphysical universe conspires to send us messages of hope until we can overcome them. And sometimes, like Lauren, we are the ones unknowingly sending the messages.

So without further ado, here is the inaugural Blogger Quote of the Week.

“Yes, today’s world is full of writers and the publishing industry is undergoing a complete revolution. Yes, it’s terrifying to put your work out there and be judged for it. Yes, you will question and doubt yourself, and you will wonder if you’re going to make it.

Yes to all of the above, and yes, you are still meant to be a writer.

That means that if you don’t write—if you turn away from your gifts as a storyteller—you will always feel like something is missing. You will always dream that your life could have turned out differently. And you will always feel an empty place inside.

The missing piece, the life that includes fulfillment, the sustenance to fill that empty place, these things are all to be found in your writing.”  ~Lauren Sapala