Word of the Day Wednesday: mephistopheles

It’s been a while since I’ve published the Word of the Day. It started with my daughter as explained in this post. We took a little break from the Word of the Day during the summer. I only taught her a handful of new words during that time.

When she told me she had to come up with a nickname at school using the first letter of her name and she settled on the Capricious Catfish (lol), I knew I had to resurrect the Word of the Day again. She chose the word because she likes it, not because it describes her. Seriously, she has one mood: happy.

I’ve decided to limit the post to Wednesdays. Today’s word appears in the lyrics from this past Musical Monday (OneRepublic’s Love Runs Out) and another from several months ago (Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police).

Meph·is·toph·e·les noun \ˌme-fə-ˈstä-fə-ˌlēz\

:  a chief devil in the Faust legend.

Definition source: http://www.merriam-webster.com