Taxes, the Blood Moon, Passover, and the Monomyth

Yeah, I know. I’m a day late with my “M” post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, but I have a good excuse: taxes, the blood moon, and Passover.

Huh? How did those even relate? They all happened on the day I was going to prepare and publish my post on the monomyth.

I filed my taxes about a month ago, but I’ve been helping my brother with his business and personal taxes (this is what happens when you’re the CPA in the family) and it took longer than expected.

There was a perk to it, though. I stayed up so late working on the returns that I was still awake for the blood moon. I stepped onto the back porch with my husband and daughter (who insisted on being awakened at 3 am for it) to view the first of four lunar eclipses that will occur over the next two years. I’d like to say the view was spectacular, but I think I was too tired to be impressed. I think I said something like, “Yeah, that’s cool. I’m going to bed now.”

If you missed the blood moon, click on this CNN article to see pictures. The image I saw was similar to # 18.

How did the start of Passover delay my post? It didn’t. I just thought it was interesting that it occurred on the first of four blood moons that will appear over the next two years and that major religious holidays will occur on each of those, as well. Do I think it’s a signal of the end times? No, I’m just fascinated by coincidences.

Anyway…let’s discuss the monomyth.

MM is for Monomyth

The monomyth is the basic structure that is repeated in stories throughout the history of the world. In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell says: Continue reading Taxes, the Blood Moon, Passover, and the Monomyth