DD is for DNF

DNF: Did Not Finish. I suppose this is the acronym that is the bane of all authors.

W-what? Why didn’t they finish the book?

Although I’ve never received a DNF—not because my books are that good, I’ve actually never published anything—I imagine it would feel a little like being told your baby has a disease. Yes, to an author, the book is her baby. After all, she labored long and hard to give birth to it. She may stare at the letters in horror praying the disease doesn’t spread.

Will more DNFs appear? Is it {gasp!} terminal? Will the book be plagued with DNFs until she’s on her deathbed, gasping for her last breath?

The author may check her vitals constantly praying for 4 and 5 star reviews to overcome the threat of death. Most often there’s no reason given for a review marked DNF. There are only those three little letters, attached to a one-star rating, leaving the author to wonder if DNF will lead to DNR, then DOA and finally, RIP. 

If this happens, one can only find comfort in the words from those who knew her best: Continue reading DNF? WTF?