Conversations with My Kids: The Word Funeral

The following is a conversation I had with my daughter upon picking her up from school:

MJ: How was your day, baby doll?

CJ: There was a funeral at school.

MJ: W-what?

CJ [smiling slyly]: A word funeral. [giggles]

MJ: A word funeral? Tell me about it.

CJ: Well, it was the fourth graders, and they were having a funeral for words that were used too much. They had to use better words in their place.

I didn’t recall my son doing this in 4th grade. I was intrigued.

MJ: What words did they bury?

CJ: Words like “big” and “fun” and “awesome.”

MJ: Really? And what words would you use instead?

CJ: Um, enormous and fabulous and…sublime.

She smiled because we both knew sublime was one she learned from the word of the day. She remembered! I’m so proud of her. I guess I should resurrect the word of the day posts.

As I was searching for an image to attach to this post, I came across this YouTube video for a Dead Words Funeral. Other schools are eulogizing overused words too. The video is adorable. Watch it if you have time.


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