Word of the Day: desiccate

des·ic·cate verb \ˈde-si-ˌkāt\


Definition of DESICCATE

transitive verb
1: to dry up
2: to preserve (a food) by drying : dehydrate
3: to drain of emotional or intellectual vitality
intransitive verb
: to become dried up
des·ic·ca·tion \ˌde-si-ˈkā-shən\noun
de·sic·ca·tive \ˈde-si-ˌkā-tiv\adjective
des·ic·ca·tor \ˈde-si-ˌkā-tər\noun

Examples of DESICCATE

  1. dryasdust prose desiccates what is actually an exciting period in European history>
  2. <add a cup of desiccated coconut to the mix>


Latin desiccatus, past participle of desiccare to dry up, from de- + siccare to dry, from siccus dry — more at sack

First Known Use: 1575
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