Word of the Day: detritus

de·tri·tus noun \di-ˈtrī-təs\

: the pieces that are left when something breaks, falls apart, is destroyed, etc.

plural de·tri·tus \-ˈtrī-təs, –ˈtrī-ˌtüs\

Full Definition of DETRITUS

1: loose material (as rock fragments or organic particles) that results directly from disintegration
a: a product of disintegration, destruction, or wearing away : debris

b: miscellaneous remnants : odds and ends <sifting through the detritus of his childhood — Michael Tomasky>

de·tri·tal \-ˈtrī-təl\adjective

Examples of DETRITUS

  1. the detritus of ancient civilizations
  2. As he packed, he sifted through the detritus of a failed relationship.

Origin of DETRITUS

French détritus, from Latin detritus, past participle of deterere

First Known Use: 1802
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