Word of the Day: succor

suc·cor noun \ˈsə-kər\: something that you do or give to help someone who is suffering or in a difficult situation

 Full Definition of SUCCOR
:  relief; also :  aid, help
:  something that furnishes relief

Examples of SUCCOR

  1. We see it as our duty to give succor to those in need.

Origin of SUCCOR

Middle English socour, sucurs (taken as plural), from Anglo-French sucur, sucors, from Medieval Latin succursus, from Latin succurrere to run to the rescue, bring aid, from sub- + currere to run — more at car

First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with SUCCOR

bucker, ducker, mucker, plucker, pucker, shucker, sucker, trucker, tucker (Okay, let’s not go there, people)


transitive verb


Definition of SUCCOR

:  to go to the aid of :  relieve
suc·cor·er noun

First Known Use of SUCCOR

13th century
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