Word of the Day: quotidian

quo·tid·i·an adjective \kwō-ˈti-dē-ən\

: ordinary or very common

: done each day (like this post)

Full Definition of QUOTIDIAN

1: occurring every day <quotidian fever>
a: belonging to each day : everyday <quotidian routine>


b: commonplace, ordinary <quotidian drabness>

quotidian noun
Examples of QUOTIDIAN
  1. <not content with the quotidian quarrels that other couples had, they had rows that shook the entire neighborhood>
  2. <plagued by a quotidian coughing fit, the result of years of smoking>


Middle English cotidian, from Anglo-French, from Latin quotidianus, cotidianus, from quotidie every day, from quot (as) many as + dies day — more at deity

First Known Use: 14th century

Definition source: http://www.merriam-webster.com

The Word of the Day started with this post.


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