Word of the Day: behemoth

be·he·moth noun, often attributive \bi-ˈhē-məth, ˈbē-ə-məth, -ˌmäth, -ˌmȯth\: something very big and powerful

Full Definition of BEHEMOTH

1often capitalized:  a mighty animal described in Job 40:15–24 as an example of the power of God

2:  something of monstrous size, power, or appearance <a behemoth truck>

Examples of BEHEMOTH

  1. <the newest SUV is a gas-guzzling behemoth that doesn’t even fit in a standard parking space>

Origin of BEHEMOTH

Middle English, from Late Latin, from Hebrew bĕhēmōth

First Known Use: 14th century

Definition source: http://www.merriam-webster.com

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5 thoughts on “Word of the Day: behemoth”

  1. Behemoth is a strange creature. Nobody is sure what it’s supposed to look like. I’ve seen it referred to a reptile/dinosaur and a cow-like beast. Definitely one of the most unusual monsters of lore.

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