Musical Monday: Thriller by Michael Jackson

I can’t post Musical Mondays for October without including Thriller by Michael Jackson. It was released as a world première music video on MTV in 1983, and according to Wikipedia, it is the most viewed music video of all time.

I remember seeing it for the first time when I was in high school (yes, I’m old). Whenever it appeared on MTV my friend Stacie would call me and exclaim, “Thriller’s on!” This was before internet and YouTube. You couldn’t “google” it and watch it at your leisure, so when it came on TV, it was a big deal.

Stacie was on the school dance team, so of course she learned all the moves and would perform it regularly. She’d probably kill me for telling you that, but she doesn’t know I have this blog. Heh. Heh.

Anyway, who doesn’t know that dance? It’s been performed by prison inmates in the Philippines and Singapore, at wedding receptions, and countless other events. It’s been thirty years (I feel really old now) since the song debuted and my daughter recently learned a modified version of it in her hip-hop class.

Here is the original video that debuted on MTV.

Word of the Day: vainglorious

vain·glo·ri·ous adjective \ˌvān-ˈglȯr-ē-əs\: having or showing too much pride in your abilities or achievements

Full Definition of VAINGLORIOUS

:  marked by vainglory :  boastful

vain·glo·ri·ous·ly adverb

vain·glo·ri·ous·ness noun

Definition source:

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