Word of the Day: degenerate

de·gen·er·ate adjective \di-ˈjen-rət, -ˈje-nə-, dē-\: having low moral standards : not honest, proper, or good

Full Definition of DEGENERATE
a:  having declined or become less specialized (as in nature, character, structure, or function) from an ancestral or former state

b:  having sunk to a condition below that which is normal to a type; especially:  having sunk to a lower and usually corrupt and vicious state

c:  degraded

2:  being mathematically simpler (as by having a factor or constant equal to zero) than the typical case degenerate hyperbola>
3:  characterized by atoms stripped of their electrons and by very great density <degenerate matter>; also:  consisting of degenerate matter <a degenerate star>
4:  having two or more states or subdivisions <degenerate energy level>
5:  having more than one codon representing an amino acid; also:  being such a codon
Examples of DEGENERATE

  1. He criticizes what he believes is a degenerate society.
  2. <a degenerate society in which people had no sense of being citizens, only consumers>


Middle English degenerat, from Latin degeneratus, past participle of degenerare to degenerate, from de- + gener-, genus race, kind  — more at kin

First Known Use: 15th century

Definition source: http://www.merriam-webster.com

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