Conversations with My Kids: The Importance of Staying Hydrated

The other day I heard my kids whispering and giggling in the kitchen. A few minutes later my daughter entered my study and looked at me with these sweet, innocent (ahem) eyes.

CJ: “Momma, are you thirsty?”

Me: “No, I’m okay, baby. Thanks.”

CJ: “Are you sure you don’t want something to drink?”

Me: “No thanks. I’m fine.”

She looks at the ground while obviously grappling with something and then glances up at me excitedly.

CJ: “Momma, you need to stay hydrated.”

Me (fighting back laughter): “What are you two up to?”

CJ: “Nothing. I just thought you might be thirsty, that’s all.”

She was trying desperately to suppress a smile, but just like her father, she can’t tell a lie to save her life. The corners of her mouth turned up slightly and she looked away, hopeful I didn’t notice.

Me: “Well, I guess I am thirsty after all.”

CJ: “Okay! I’ll be right back!”

There is more whispering and giggling coming from the kitchen and then my daughter reappears in the doorway.

CJ: “Here you go Momma.”

Me: “Thanks Baby. You can just set it on my desk.”

She reluctantly walked away and I picked up the glass to take a sip. Here’s what I saw:


No worries. It’s fake. I let out a fake scream and giggled at the laughter that erupted from the kitchen. Little stinkers.


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