Conversations with My Kids: My “Einstein” Moment

If you’re not familiar with the YouTube episodes of Convos with My Two-Year-Old, then you’re missing out. These episodes are reenactments of real conversations this guy has with his daughter. They’re reenacted by him, occasionally his wife, and a grown man in the role of the daughter. They’re absolutely hysterical. Here is one that will have you rolling with laughter:

As a parent, I can relate to these moments because I have so many similar ones stored up in my memory. Kids are little comedians without intending to be, and sometimes they utter statements so profound you are left speechless.

I have some of these moments written in a journal or on scraps of paper, but I’m sharing them here too, as part of my “Feed the Muse” series. Like I said in this post, feeding the muse isn’t just about reading books on the craft. Read everything (novels, short stories, magazines, poetry, advertisements, etc.) and watch everything (movies, TV, plays, etc.). It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad because you can learn what does NOT work as well as what does. But most importantly, LIVE life. We draw from the well of our experiences when we write. The depth of that well is up to you.

“My  ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of  living.” ~Anais  Nin

This little gem is from November 2011. My son was eleven at the time, and I was helping him with his math homework. I wasn’t getting the answer I expected to a problem and couldn’t figure out why.

Me: “Huh, that’s weird. The formula should work. Let me try it with different numbers.” I arrived at the expected result from the answer key. “See, it worked that time. Why isn’t this one working?” I continued to be perplexed about the first equation. I’ve always been  good at math. I’m a CPA, after all, but I was beginning to question whether I was smarter than a 5th grader. Suddenly I realized my mistake. “Oh! I know why. I copied that number down wrong. See, now it works.”

KJ: “Oh whew! I was starting to think the math people got it all wrong. You know, like Einstein and those people.”

Apparently, my son thinks pretty highly of his mother if he ranks my intelligence above Einstein. 🙂

Word of the Day: machiavellian

Ma·chi·a·vel·lian adjective \ˌma-kē-ə-ˈve-lē-ən, -ˈvel-yən\: using clever lies and tricks in order to get or achieve something : clever and dishonest.

1:  of or relating to Machiavelli or Machiavellianism

2:  suggesting the principles of conduct laid down by Machiavelli; specifically:  marked by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith.

Synonyms: cutthroat, immoral, unprincipled, unconscionable, unethical, unscrupulous

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