Word of the Day: xanthic

After an unexpected hiatus from blogging, I was able to post and comment again. As I was responding to comments on my blog, I came across one from my friend Charles. He had commented that the Word of the Day for Monday (sanguine) makes him think of Sangrias, which then made me want to drink a Sangria (thanks Charles).

Anyway, words often make me think of things that in some cases may not be remotely related to that word. For example, the first time I heard the word Jabberwocky I thought it was a character from Star Wars. It’s the first thing that pops into my head when I come across it to this day.

Yesterday’s word of the day made me think of a scene from The Lord of the Rings. If you’re a fanatic like me, then you know the scene I’m talking about. If not, here it is.


Today’s Word of the Day doesn’t follow the “wicked” theme for the month of October, but I had difficulty coming up with any word beginning with X so cut me some slack. If it helps, this word makes me think of zombies. Guess I’ve been watching too many episodes of Walking Dead lately.

xan·thic adjective \ˈzan(t)thik\ 1a: of, relating to, or tending toward a yellow color. b of a flower: colored with some tint of yellow. 2: of or relating to xanthin or xanthine.

Definition source: http://www.merriam-webster.com

The Word of the Day started with this post.


8 thoughts on “Word of the Day: xanthic”

  1. I have recently been exploring words and their meanings… but going deeper than definition and looking at interpretation. When you consider what you said here, I think I should add that to my thoughts… so not only is our idea of a meaning of a word coloured by our experiences in life, but it is also influenced by what the word pops into our head, its imagery to us as individuals… I think I feel another blog post coming on… *grins*

    1. I read a blog post a while ago where the author listed words that evoked a visceral response from him. Some were pretty harmless words like nugget. It’s an interesting topic. I look forward to reading your post 🙂

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