Word of the Day: gesticulate

She remembered!

When I told my daughter the Word of the Day yesterday (fickle), she said, “Oh! Oh! It’s like that other word, ca-capricious! It means you’re moody. You change your mind a lot.”

I’m so happy she’s learning something from this little game we started! Here is today’s Word of the Day:

ges·tic·u·late intransitive verb \je-ˈsti-kyə-ˌlāt\: to move your arms and hands especially when speaking in an angry or emotional way.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

The Word of the Day started with this.


5 thoughts on “Word of the Day: gesticulate”

  1. Come on now…let’s make this even more interesting…more like advanced education, truly confusing and scary. How about two words – or even three a day? How about gestation and gesticulate, two words whose meanings can be useful in the same sentence or situation…and for fun, throw in Gestaltation, a word that isn’t, I don’t think, but sure could be useful. Now, when your lovely little ones start using all three words of the day at the same time they can listen to Pink Floyd, something like Comfortably Numb, and realizations of the rationalization of instituionization will soon follow. No, ignore me…I think you”re doing fine on your own. That three word method did nothing for me. I think I still have the Dengue Fever coursing through the capillaries surrounding my brain.

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