Blogger Quote of the Week: Christian Mihai

The Blogger Quote of the Week comes from the post Your Story by Christian Mihai and Holy cow, Holy Mackerel, Holy Moses, Holy…Whatever {insert your preferred exclamation of awe because it will apply}, his blog is fabulous. Every post is thought-provoking and inspiring. I adore the way he writes. I could select an excerpt from any of his posts to quote here. They are that good. If you haven’t been following his blog, then by all means, check it out now.

“The world outside your window becomes a shadow of a shadow, and people become ghosts, voices faint echoes.

For the first time, I knew what I had to do with a blank page, because the image had been engraved on my brain for so, so long. It felt like setting up a domino. I had done the hard work months and years in advance, and in a quick succession, it was all there… on the page.”


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