Feed the Muse: Reflecting on Summer Fun

At the beginning of the summer my daughter got the wonderful idea to create a Summer Fun Bucket List, and although I didn’t get much writing done, I don’t regret how I spent my time.

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world.” ~ Ray Bradbury on Feeding the Muse

As we grow older we often become jaded and fail to recognize the beauty and wonder of the world around us, but I am so blessed by this little girl of mine who seems to see it at every turn.

Her list captured big events–like a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina–to the simple joy of watching the sun rise or set. She looks forward to the seemingly most insignificant thing with excitement. But it’s all the little things that really matter, like wishing on stars, roasting marshmallows to make smores, and watching fireworks light up the night sky. It’s the stuff that a life well lived is composed of, experiences made all the richer because you shared them with someone you love, and if you seize the opportunity you can see the world through their eyes.

“Momma, don’t the clouds look like spilled milk today?”

I glance up at the sky and catch my breath. Then I look at the sweet, soulful eyes of my daughter and wonder if she were put on this earth to remind others of its beauty. “Yes, they do, Babydoll. They certainly do.”

She reminds me to slow down and simply take in this beautiful life that I’m living. For someone so young, she knows what’s truly important. She approaches life with a zest that often only comes to a person who has been faced with their own mortality. You know the saying, “Live, like you were dying.” She’s my sweet little hummingbird, living life at top speed, buzzing from one beautiful flower to the next to drink in its sweet nectar.

Summer Fun Bucket ListAs you can see from her list, we had a fun-filled summer with so many experiences packed into a short span of time. The Summer Fun Bucket List will be a family tradition from now on.

Oh, and here’s a picture of her on Spa Day. I was a tomboy, but apparently I’m raising a little diva. The cucumber slices were all her idea too. 🙂

CJ Spa Day


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