Black Tiles

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The Community Storyboard

A path of black tiles leads the way.
She follows like a hunter drawn to its prey.
Diaphanous patterns dance below,
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing, all aglow.

Her mind is burdened, a heavy yoke,
But it dissipates with every stroke.
Five down, breathe to the left
Five more, her senses bereft.

Muffled sounds fade away,
Replaced by what, she cannot say.
A single voice, to her unknown,
Far too eloquent to be her own.

Gliding, floating weightless, thoughts transcend,
As champagne bubbles tickle her skin.
Stroke after stroke would seem monotonous,
But it quickly gives rise to something unconscious.

A sentient being bringing serenity,
Somewhat familiar, a consanguinity?
Loquacious, idiomatic, even importunate,
A glimpse into this mind is oh so fortunate.

What a clever turn of phrase, I cannot wait,
Hurry, hurry, thoughts will obfuscate.
Get out! Get out! Get out now!
Get out! Get out! Write this down!

But eloquence is…

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