I have smote thine enemy

Have you heard the awesome news? The Queen of the Blogosphere, Ionia Martin, has conquered cancer! She is CANCER FREE! Woo-hoo! BEST DAY EVAH! Congratulations Ionia! So happy for you!

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Fireworks 123   For four long years the woman battled the demon. The demon known only as “C” violated her body, dimmed her future and messed with her mind.

She fought this demon with the strength of her army. When she was too weak to fight, too tired to resist the demon’s advances or too negative to be positive she relied on them to battle it for her. Were she the soppy type, she might be wiping her eyes on her chain mail at the moment. *Hold on I have something in my eye…

Okay, all better.


So back to the story. The woman fought this vile beast year after year. The demon would weaken, but refuse to relent. Just when she thought it may tire and leave her be, it would come back again, stronger than ever, somewhere else.

Gathering all the love she had been storing, she forged a…

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2 thoughts on “I have smote thine enemy”

  1. Thank you, Melissa! I would have been here earlier but after four years of battling this thing, today, I celebrated by doing absolutely nothing and sleeping most of the day. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You’re welcome! Kicking cancer’s arse is no small task, so just revel in the joy of your mighty achievement. I still don’t know how you do all that you do. I was amazed before and then I learned about all the obstacles you’ve faced and was just completely blown away by your strength. You’re an inspiration, Ionia.

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