Life, The Twitterverse and Everything: Why Should You Use Twitter And How?

Helpful advice on Twitter for those who are still unsure how to use it.

Andy English


It has been kindly suggested to me by my fellow writing blogger Lara Chase that not everyone on here may be familiar with or confident in using the magnificent phenomenon that is Twitter and it may be a good idea to share my experience in how to use it and get the best from it. But to begin with, why would you want to use yet another social networking / blogging site? Well, let me explain why I feel Twitter is a great thing to have at our fingertips before I look at how it can more specifically help us writers.

1: Information Will Arrive On Your Timeline As It Happens.


I follow a guy who lives in Japan, no particular reason other than we share a love for the Terry Gilliam film Brazil. He can hardly speak English and I speak no Japanese at all. But when the awful…

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