Day 12 Prompt: Word Definitions

My post on the Community Storyboard. The idea was to make up new definitions for 10 random words. Check out the other ones while you’re there. They’re hilarious.

The Community Storyboard

I thought I’d try my hand at this. Here goes:

1. Oubliette – the place Romeo sent Juliette after she overindulged in plastic surgery procedures.
2. Sychophant – how I feel after that certain aunt visits.
3. Buttress – a female with an ample behind.
4. Conondrum – two nuns playing the bongos.
5. Tenuous – thirteen or more in number.
6. Modicum – that feeling of excitement when you know it’s not the end.
7. Paragon – to lose part of a pair. “What happened to my other shoe? Damn, that paragon!”
8. Truculent – A vehicle on loan for hauling purposes.
9. Palliate – what eventually becomes of one friend who is stuck on a deserted island with another without food.
10. Morass – the condition that occurs when you spend all day on your ass writing silly shit like this.

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