Guest Post: Karen Myers–No Need For Calibre

Helpful tips on ebook formatting.

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When I ran the recent ebook formatting contest, I noticed some similar issues with many of the entries, all of them the result of Calibre conversion. I have no beef with Calibre, it’s a great online reading platform and I use it myself, but it’s a not-quite-right tool for converting Kindle books. One entrant, Karen Myers (Perkunus Press), contacted me about the problems in her ebook.

KMblog6The flaws weren’t fatal, but Karen was not satisfied with not-quite-right. So I pointed her at Sigil and Paul Salvette’s books, tutorials and website, and now I’ll let her tell you the results:


Silly me. I’m an old programmer and I pride myself on trying to get my ebooks “just so”, as if I were writing a piece of code. I want to create worthy offerings to add to humanity’s river of books; at the very least, they should be shiny and…

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Karen Myers–No Need For Calibre”

  1. I have never tried to use Calibre to convert a file from .html. I use Open Office to write in, and convert from .odt to .mobi (and .epub, although I have never sold one in .epub format) and have been very pleased with the result.

    1. Since I haven’t published yet, your words are Greek to me, but thanks for the words of wisdom. I’m taking notes and hope it all makes sense when I get to that point 🙂

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