Blogger Quote of the Week: Free Little Words

The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending July 28th comes from the post Love in Hindsight III from Kelly at Free Little Words as she explains why the post will be her last one for a while.

“There’s two young boys, who won’t be little forever, wishing that their mum would be slightly more present when she’s present. I owe them that much. Then when the lights are out and those eyelashes flutter as they dream sweet dreams, the  words can spring forth to the begging blank page.”

Very well said, Kelly. We will miss you but I completely understand.

I spoke similar words over two years ago when I chose to leave a job that was overly demanding of my time. Although I was able to pick up my kids from school and work my last hour at home, the work day always extended far beyond that. At the end, eighty hour weeks had become the norm. Then one day after telling my daughter I had too much work to do and couldn’t play with her yet again, she said, “Mama, you work too much. You need a new job. Can you be my teacher?”

That’s when it hit me. She didn’t care about the things my income could offer, all she wanted was a little of my time. Out of the mouths of babes, right? I’m so thankful I got the message because it gave me the freedom to explore a career where I could be at home and make my own hours, one where I could be fully present for my kids. And you’re right Kelly, they won’t be little forever so cherish the time you have with them now.


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