Blogger Quote of the Week: Destiny Allison

Okay, I’m late with this post again. I’ve been a busy little bee lately, helping my sister plan my niece’s wedding but the big day is almost here!

The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending June 30th comes from the post titled You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees by Destiny Allison.

She is the author of the recently released dystopian novel Pipe Dreams and the award-winning autobiography Shaping Destiny.

This post struck a chord with me since it focuses on a topic that I’ve struggled with as well. I’ve been blogging since March and am finding it difficult to balance the demands of it with the other aspects of my life and my desire to be a published author. This post has inspired me to step out of the trees and weed out the things that are choking my forest. Thank you for the words of wisdom, Destiny.

“When we drove on Sunday through the recent burn, I experienced a revelation of sorts. The blackened earth, scorched trees, and absolute lack of chaos were a precursor to recovery and eventual health. I started thinking about how creatives operate most of the time. The soil in our minds is fertile, primed for growth. Teeming with nutrients, different seeds take root, each competing with the other for room, water, and sun. Over time, our minds become cluttered, chaotic, and rough. The white firs choke out the old growth thoughts. A story prompt takes us away from our WIP. A blog insists we belong on Pinterest. As the seeds sprout, we lose integrity in relationship to ourselves. Then, our work is clumsy, noisy, and irrelevant, part of a teeming whole out of balance with itself.”

Now I’m off to play Just Dance with the cute little seven-year-old girl sitting at my side. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Blogger Quote of the Week: Destiny Allison”

  1. Enjoy Just Dance! Live life, Melissa! Your blog will be all the richer for it. And that message is for me too. I worry about my blog and how to make it better. I wound up resenting the “life” times. But I realize I need to unplug every once in awhile and just dance with seven year olds (or seven and eight years or or 16 year olds).

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