Blogger Quote of the Week: Charles Yallowitz & Ionia Martin

I’ve been posting this on Sunday but I’m a little behind this time. The Blogger Quote of the Week for the week ending June 23rd is shared by two of my fellow bloggers: Ionia Martin and Charles Yallowitz. It seems fitting that they be recognized together since I find it difficult to mention one without the other. Plus, the banter between these two is reminiscent of sibling rivalry and I thought it would be fun to force these two to share. 🙂 If you’d like to see an example of their friendly banter, check out this post. While they love to rib each other in the comments, there is an underlying current of affection and loyalty that reminds me of the relationship I have with my siblings.

These two are prolific bloggers, publishing several posts per day. They light up the blogosphere with words of encouragement for fellow bloggers. It seems whenever I go to comment on a post Charles and Ionia have both already left their mark. I have often questioned whether they are even human or possibly they’ve cloned themselves many times over.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of following their blogs I highly recommend you do so. Not only will you receive a daily dose of comic relief, many helpful tips on writing and publishing, book reviews and author interviews but you will be awed by the poetry they write, which leads me to the quotes for this week. The words I wish to memorialize here come from poems each of them wrote this week. I hope you like them as much as I did.

Wishing for the Void

Bring me to the void
Where noises cease to be
Wrap me in a womb
Made of silence and numbness
Take my ears and eyes
And dash them upon the ground
Leave me with my thoughts
As I listen to my heart and mind
Desperately trying to speak
Through the chaos
That fills my daily life

~Charles Yallowitz

Forever and One Day

Just one moon
but different skies
just one world
through different eyes

Different locales
but goals the same
to find a way
and beat this game

Hearts divide
then reunite
when his morning
is my night

tender words
a whispered kiss
who would have known
it would be like this

no road too long
no sea too cold
to stop my love
young or old

I’d wait for him
or forever and
one day

to have a moment
of speechless joy
at the sight of his
handsome face

~Ionia Martin


13 thoughts on “Blogger Quote of the Week: Charles Yallowitz & Ionia Martin”

  1. Oh my. This was beautiful and sweet. You made me cry:) I bet Charles will cry as well. Did you happen to know that you are one seriously special lady? Wait….Charles and I are synonymous now? I knew this day was coming. I tried to prepare for it. I will alert the squirrel captain. Tell fizzle to ready the apple bombs.

    Thank you Melissa–Truly, for being so amazing.

  2. Awww. Thanks. I’m human, but resistant to sleep. I say as I yawn and wish I could get more of it. Not sure about Ionia. I’m thinking she’s really a squirrell super-weapon sent to enslave us all. She’s powered by cupcakes and WordPress comments. 😛

    1. Yes, I noticed that. You comment into the early hours of the morning (and you’re an hour ahead of me) and then I see you posting and commenting again around 5:30 so maybe you got a couple of hours of sleep? I’m not sure when Ionia sleeps, if at all. LOL.

      1. I get a few hours and get right back here once I start up my day. Ionia definitely beats me in terms of hours of consciousness. We should uncover her secret and sell it to college students during finals week. 😀

        1. It amazes me that you can function on such little sleep and still post quality content. Mine would be a bunch of gibberish. Ionia told me it was due to 5-hour energy drinks but I think that was a cover-up. She’s not revealing her secrets.

          1. I’ve used those at times. Only when I really need an energy boost. I’ve been sleeping 4-5 hours a day since college. It tends to lead to a day where I need to collapse.

            It takes me a while to write stuff in the morning and some I do at night to schedule. Lately, it’s been rough because the heat is a killer.

          2. I don’t drink caffeine so no telling what one of those would do to me, probably be up for days! Averaging 4 hours of sleep will catch up to you eventually. I did it for a period of 3 years and I swear it aged me ten years. I try to get at least 6 hours now.

  3. I’m playing blog catch-up today, so I’m glad I read this post today. You are so right about Ionia and Charles. In fact, seeing their comments at so many other blogs is what drew me to find theirs.

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