Conversations, Entry #1: Has Regret Helped You Grow as a Writer?

I wanted to say thank you to Daniel for believing that my comment held enough merit to be highlighted in a post. I find his blog incredibly inspiring. It often stirs up deep thoughts. If you aren’t already following him, head over to his blog and you will see what I mean. Thanks again Daniel. We’ve traveled similar paths. It’s good to have someone who has been down that road and is now traveling the new one with me. 🙂


From now on, I’ll share comments posted by you, dear readers, that have inspired me, in a rubric I’ve generically named “Conversations.” I highly value your insights, and occasionally I’m sure there will be a few that are too valuable to be left buried and forgotten in the comments section, seen by my eyes alone.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this, as you may recall from this post and this little survey. But I hadn’t thought of dedicating an entire category to reader responses.

Until now.

I envision this to be a weekly post. There may be irregularities, however, should I fail to sufficiently engage my readers. 🙂

For our debut, I present you this inspiring comment I received from Melissa Janda, in response to my post, “Have You Been Using ‘Epiphany’ Wrong?

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One thought on “Conversations, Entry #1: Has Regret Helped You Grow as a Writer?”

  1. I found this on Daniel’s blog first, but wanted to specifically comment on yours. Thank you so much for sharing your comments on regret. You basically described my life. I, too, had a thousand signs (including Myers-Briggs) telling me to be a writer that I ignored for years. It has been so freeing to leave the cubicle and finally do what I was meant to do.

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