Marketing/self publishing with Harry Steinman

Tips on how to “kickstart” your self-published novel from Harry Steinman

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Doors & Windows 004When you first begin anything, there is cause to be frightened of the unknown. Searching out unfamiliar territory and trying to get everything you need lined out for a new book project is no exception. Usually, if a door closes a window will open. Harry Steinman is here to give you some ideas about how to bypass the window and the door and knock out a wall instead. Need funding to get that book going? Here are some ideas.

The Kindness of Strangers:

How To Fund a Self-Published Novel With Kickstarter

By Harry Steinman, a One-Hit Wonder

Like it or lump it: self-publishing costs money. Every element of your book must be excellent. You must spend your hard-earned shekels or your book will look amateurish.

Good things are rarely cheap, and cheap things are rarely good. Don’t skimp on buying the expertise you need, and don’t publish unless your writing…

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    1. Yes, Fizzle has returned! My culinary skills know no bounds. The Appletini was a good attempt (and rather delicious, hiccup) but it only proved to temporarily lure Fizzle away. Try as you might, fair Ionia, you will never defeat my culinary skills in relation to baked apple goods. {Muahahahaha!!}

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