Terrific Post on Beta Readers

Even Alpha Writers Need Beta Readers

This is a terrific post by Tiffany Reisz on Janice Hardy’s blog at The Other Side of the Story .

She submits her manuscript to five beta readers, each serving a different purpose  that gets her closer to a final product with each review.  The first reader does a macro level review and points out things like plot issues and “little darlings” that must die. She ends with a reader who focuses on the little things like grammar and punctuation.

I think it’s a great idea to put your manuscript through this type of beta reader “funnel” which prevents issues with your writing from making it through to the final manuscript. Now I just need to find beta readers with each level of expertise.


7 thoughts on “Terrific Post on Beta Readers”

  1. An excellent couple of articles, here. Thank you for sharing.

    I’ve only submitted my writing for any sort of critique on a handful of occasions, and I still find it to be utterly terrifying…which, to be honest, is a sign that I really ought to do it more often.

    1. You’re welcome! You’re doing better than I am. I’ve only had my husband and sister read my work. It is terrifying to think of letting someone else read it but I need to get over that fear if I ever hope to get anywhere in this business.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t given it much thought, but I do agree that Beta readers are essential, especially writer- and editor ones. The latter should prove to be most valuable, because unfortunately, not all writers have a critical eye for details. The mistakes Tiffany mentioned are, normally, easily missed!

  3. Trusted beta readers are great to have. They spot the problems we’re too close to see. I’m grateful for mine. They saw potential in characters I had planned to cut.

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