Marketing Your Book: Part Two with Harry Steinman

Great advice on finding your target audience, from selecting the right beta readers to crafting the back cover blurb.

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   Thursday it is, or so they tell me. I am allergic to weekdays so I try to avoid them at all cost. There is something good about Thursday though. It is time for part two of Readful Things’ ongoing series about marketing your book. The very talented Harry Steinman has once more agreed to share his experiences with us (and his mistakes.) One of the things that makes this so exciting for me, is that Harry is honest, and not afraid to be who he is.

   I was recently speaking to a woman I met in a book store, and she told me that she had also written a book. When I asked her how it was going, she kind of smirked and looked down. She then confessed that she wasn’t sure how to feel. She self published, and at first she was thrilled to have a copy…

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