Another Award? The “Other” Sunshine Award

other sunshine-awardSomebody slap me. Throw a glass of cold water on me or something. I must be dreaming.

Patty, an amazing writer, photographer and poet, nominated me for an award: The “Other” Sunshine Award by. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, you must check it out. I want to point you to a particular post titled “Hardest Post for Me Ever…” . It takes a tremendous amount of courage to open up like she did and I was in complete awe of the raw beauty of this post. Talk about baring your soul! What I want to tell her is, “You’ve got guts, kid! And you’ve got spunk! Not to mention moxie! You’ve got guts, spunk, and moxie!” Name that movie (most parents should get this one).

The “Other” Sunshine Award

The rules:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your Blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10 Bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their Blogs, letting them know they were nominated.
  • Link the person who nominated you.

Ten Things About Me

  1. I took a nose dive off of a retaining wall while riding my tricycle when I was three. My parents thought they were looking at a dead child when my neighbor carried my seemingly lifeless body to the door.
  2. I was ambidextrous until I was forced to choose in elementary school. I chose the  left  since most of my classmates were right-handed, guess I’m a rebel at heart.
  3. I have held a hummingbird in my hand before. It was trapped in a newly constructed house. I thought it was a large moth fluttering against the window trying to break free. I cupped my hand against the pane and captured it. I went outside to free it and was astonished to see a hummingbird when I opened my hands. It stared at me for a moment and then flew away.
  4. I’ve had a screw loose. Literally. I have two screws in my head and one of them had to be tightened, but that’s a story for another day.
  5. I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). The first time I heard the diagnosis I thought the doctor was pulling my leg (LOL). Sometimes it keeps me up late into the night/early morning. I try to make the best of it by being productive (i.e., writing).
  6. I can produce an ear-splitting, glass-breaking, blood-curdling movie scream. Really, I could be paid big money for it. I’m not sure when or how I discovered this talent. It’s ironic, though, I’m often told to speak up because I have a soft voice.
  7. I‘ve seen a living thing take its last breath. I rescued an orphaned baby bird and nursed it back to health. I set it free, only to discover other territorial birds attacked it while I was gone. I tried to save it but it was too late. It spread its little wings, took a breath, shuddered and died. I cried. My attempts to save it only prolonged its suffering.
  8. I have experienced love at first sight three times in my life. When I saw my husband for the first time and when both of my children were born. It’s real. It happens.
  9. God talks to me through bumper stickers.
  10. I got a second chance at life and I plan to make the most of it.

I chose the following blogs for the wealth of information and support they give authors and aspiring authors such as:

  • Hosting writing, publishing or social media experts
  • Interviewing guest authors
  • Conducting book reviews
  • Providing advice in their area of expertise (e.g., social media)
  • Helping bloggers get traffic to their site (e.g., blog blitzes)
  • Sharing the lessons they’ve learned on their writing journey

I know they’ve been nominated for countless awards so I suspect they won’t have time to accept another one nor do I want them to feel obligated to. Mostly I want to make other writers out there aware of them (if they don’t follow them already) so they can benefit from their posts as I have.

 My Nominations:

  1. Ionia Martin: Readful Things Blog
  2. Kristin Lamb: Kristin Lamb’s Blog  
  3. Catherine Howard: Catherine, Caffeinated
  4. Sarah Cradit: AndthetherewasSarah
  5. Laura Stanfill
  6. Victoria Grefer: Creative Writing with the Crimson League
  7. Laekan Zeakemp
  8. Joanne Wadsworth
  9. DL Hammons: Cruising Altitude 2.0
  10. Marjorie Brimer: The Write Niche

Thank you for the nomination, Patty. I am honored.


20 thoughts on “Another Award? The “Other” Sunshine Award”

  1. I have RLS too and what’s more I think there must be a hereditary aspect to it, as my father and my daughter both have it as well. It’s horrible 😦 I get it without fail if I go on a long journey.
    Anyhow, what an amazing few weeks these have been! Well done, Melissa! I bet there are more awards coming too 🙂

    1. Yes! And airplane trips can be torture! There’s no room to stretch out and there are only so many times you can walk to the bathroom before they start looking at you suspiciously 🙂
      Thanks Jill!

  2. Congrats on the award 🙂 … I was born lefty but then someone forced me to become a Right-handed during my childhood 😦
    Later, I started learning guitar and then realized that I have become ambidextrous in other activities 🙂

    1. Thank you! They tried to force my little brother to be right-handed too. He’s left-handed but the way he holds a pen is still all jacked up. I do some things better with my right and can do a few with both. Just wish I could’ve kept the ability to write with both.

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet words! *BLUSHES*
    I got RLS too, severe. And I think it’s always better to laugh about it then let it get you down! 🙂

    1. So sorry! Fortunately I don’t have it too bad although I’ve gone through some bad spells. Do you take meds for it? I’ve heard a possible side effect is to worsen the condition which is why I’ve avoided taking them.

      1. You don’t have to be sorry! I have them because I have Crohn and it seems to be a package deal! 😉
        Sometimes it helps to let warm and cold water run down your legs. First warm, then cold, warm again and so on. Always end with a inbetween tempature. It doesn’t work every time, but sometimes it does! 🙂

        1. I’ll have to try that although I’m not a fan of the cold water part. What sometimes works for me is leg exercises. At 3 o’clock in the morning I’m doing squats and leg lifts 🙂

  4. Congrats on your award Melissa…and you gave me the warm-fuzzies just thinking of me to pass it along. I’ve received this award before (a long time ago) and passed it along, so I won’t be be doing that again…but if you want to know 26 things about me then you should stop by my blog on Monday. 😉

    And I LOVE your list! Bumper stickers huh? Who knew?! 🙂

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