ACUBA (Acronyms Commonly Used By Authors)

ACUBA WordleOkay, I just made that one up so don’t commit it to memory. Believe me, there are enough acronyms out there to make your head spin.

When I came across NANOWRIMO, I thought, “Huh? Na-Nu? NaNu?” Episodes of the science fiction sitcom Mork & Mindy came to mind.  Naturally, I wondered if this acronym had something to do with the science fiction genre. I envisioned a conference where science fiction writers came dressed as their favorite book characters. Don’t laugh. It could happen. Lovers of science fiction are a different breed. Ever heard of a Trekkie?

Okay now, don’t get defensive. I’m something of a Trekkie myself. No, I never went to a Star Trek convention but growing up with three brothers (who had control of the remote) I was exposed to it; more than exposed, actually.  I’ve probably seen every episode of the original series and can quote the opening credits.

Unfamiliar acronyms can make you feel like you have entered space: the final frontier. You are certain you have teleported to another planet. Others are communicating with this secret language and you don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. For those new to writing, like me, this is today’s mission: to explore strange new abbreviations, to seek out new words and phrases, to boldly decipher the acronyms we’ve seen before.

ARC: Advanced Reader Copy

BCB: Back Cover Blurb

BIC: But in Chair

BR: beta reader

GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict

CP: critique partner

DNF: Did Not Finish

HEA: Happily Ever After

ICE: Intensity, Conflict, Emotion

MS: Manuscript

NANOWRIMO: National Novel Writing Month

PAN: Published Authors Network

PNR: Paranormal Romance

POV: Point of View

QT: Query Tracker

RS: Romantic Suspense

RWA: Romance Writers of America

SFR: Science Fiction Romance

WIP: Work in Process/Progress

YA: Young Adult

Those are some that come to mind. With the exception of a few obvious ones like WIP (which is a commonly used in the world of accounting) and POV, I had no idea what they stood for when I saw them.

What acronyms have you come across? Are there some you haven’t deciphered yet?

By the way, the volume on my computer mysteriously stopped working after my post on adverbs. I’m certain there is a connection with the Lolly Adverb Shop clip I inserted. I believe my laptop is the culprit. It’s rebelling.

“That’s it. We’re done here; no more sound privileges for you little missy.”


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